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The best travel toothbrush in the world.

With everything you need to brush your teeth right inside the Toob™ travel case, it is the most convenient way to brush your teeth at home and on the go. Toob™ offers convenience, value and saves thousands of disposable toothbrushes and travel toothpaste tubes from entering landfills.


Orthodontists & Dentists use Toob™ as a marketing tool.

Set your patients up for success by including a branded Toob™ toothbrush in their hygiene kits. Toob™ makes it convenient for your patients to brush their teeth on the go while traveling and at work. Toob’s innovative design & contribution to sustainability often becomes a conversation starter, spreading your brand to friends, family and coworkers.

All you need is inside Toob™

We have spent years engineering the perfect travel toothbrush that includes a replaceable soft bristle toothbrush head, a refillable toothpaste tube, and a rinse cap, all in a durable & compact carrying case. Toob’s modern design makes brushing on-the-go convenient, affordable and sustainable. Try it for yourself!

10+ Years of proven effectiveness.
1M+ Our mission is to save 1M+ travel toothpaste tubes from landfills. Learn More
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A toothbrush for any occasion.

Camping & Outdoor Adventure

Maintain good oral hygiene when you’re out in the wilderness. Toob’s™ compact and light-weight design is the perfect addition to your camping pack and has everything you need to brush your teeth in the woods.


With its compact design, it's easy to pack in your luggage or carry-on bag. With a reusable toothpaste container built in, there is no need to buy disposable travel toothpaste tubes again.


Toob™ is a convenient way to carry your toothbrush from your desk to the bathroom when you need to freshen up after lunch or after your coffee break. It fits nicely in your brief case or desk and stays clean in it’s convenient travel case.

Every Day Brushing

Toob™ is not only the perfect travel toothbrush, it is also great for every day brushing at home. It has everything you need for great oral hygiene, keeps your bathroom drawer organized, and avoids toothbrush marks left on the counter.

Orthodontist Hygiene Kits

Help your patients achieve their most healthiest smile by giving them the tools needed to brush their teeth on the go. Toob™ encourages your patients to brush throughout the day and is an effective way to advertise your brand.

Dental Starter Kits

Tell your patients you take pride in a healthy smile and planet by including a Toob™ toothbrush in their goody bags. Brand Toob™ with your dentist office as a powerful tool for advertising. Toob™ is known to spark a conversation.

7 different colors

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We’re pitching in.

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our company’s culture and impacts every decision we make as a company. Toob’s™ innovative design reduces single use plastic with it’s refillable toothpaste tube, replacement toothbrush heads, and a durable toothbrush that was built to last. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just our product. We also donate a portion of our sales to environmental organizations that protect our planet.

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Our customers love Toob™

Rated the best travel toothbrush.

Jean (Alaska - Purchased at REI)

I've tried a lot of travel toothbrushes over the decades and this is, by far, the best one I've found. It's a real toothbrush length. I fill and refill the tube with the toothpaste of my choice. The cover can be used for rinsing by putting your finger over the little vent at the end and filling with water. I've had a couple of these that I'd use for travel, camping, backpacking, keeping in my daily bag, etc...

Cathy (Novato, CA - Purchased at REI)

With this product, I can fill the small tube with my favorite toothpaste. As a result, I do not have to buy disposable travel-size toothpaste tubes. And when the brush wears out, I can insert a replacement.

Joe (Purchased at MEC)

I bought my "Toob" so many years ago (over twenty-five) - I think when this first came out. I have used my "Toob" for almost all of my travels, ranging from multi week cross country drives, casual camping, overseas flights, and ocean cruises. Over all these years, I have yet to encounter any complaint about this piece of kit...