A cleaner earth starts with a healthy smile.

Contribute to a healthier planet by being mindful of the everyday products you purchase and use. We are committed to doing our part by reducing single use plastics with our refillable toothpaste tube, replacement brush heads, and our long-lasting toothbrush.

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Small changes can make a big impact.

Sustainability is at the core of our company’s culture, and it influences every decision we make from product design to partnerships.

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The Aurelle Toob™ toothbrush is the “away from home” product preferred by many dental specialists, outdoor enthusiasts, and active people everywhere who appreciate a convenient way to brush away from home. Healthy smiles project an aura of joy, confidence and well being. At Aurelle, we seek to enhance that aura by developing and marketing products and programs to help you to improve your oral care.

Our mission is to eliminate 1 MILLION travel toothpaste tubes from entering landfills around the world. Toob’s innovative design allows customers to refill the toothpaste container, so there is no need to buy disposable travel toothpaste tubes ever again. Our made-to-last product also helps eliminate millions of plastic toothbrushes and saves you money. To take our commitment a step further, we have partnered with the “1% for the planet” organization to donate 1% of our sales to environmentally sustainable causes.

We take pride in seeing your healthy smiles and a healthy planet.

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Who we work with

Donating to Sustainability Example

Ottawa Riverkeeper

Aurelle was honoured to sponsor the 2023 Riverkeeper Open Water Swim. In addition to sponsorship, we donated Toob™ swim caps to over 150 swimmers responsible for raising close to $12K for the Ottawa Riverkeeper charitable organization. The money raised goes towards initiatives that support the health of the Ottawa River, an important waterway in Canada, including their pollution hotline, water quality monitoring, and watershed education.


do your part

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We must reduce single use plastics. The more we see our oral hygiene products as disposable, the more we are contributing to the overall problem. While the intention of replacing your toothbrush is usually for hygienic purposes, there are alternative methods that are friendlier to our environment. Toob™ brushes help consumers do their part by offering replacement toothbrush heads to avoid replacing the whole toothbrush. Travel toothpaste tubes are made with layers of single use plastics and aluminum that cannot be recycled. By using our refillable toothpaste tubes when you are away from home, you further contribute to environmental sustainability. By following the advice of your dentist to "not brush as hard", it is not only better for your teeth & gums, but you will also extend the life of your toothbrush head. And lastly, regularly washing your Toob™ travel case will allow it last for many years.

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10 year+ lifespan

Toob™ replaces up to 40 toothbrushes.

With proper care and head replacement, Toob’s lifespan can stretch to 10+ years, saving many toothbrush purchases. This not only provides immense value in terms of cost savings of buying new, but also helps save our planet.

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travel sustainably

Travel toothpaste tubes usually cannot be recycled.

While travel toothpaste tubes may be a convenient way to pack your toiletries, they are made with plastic & aluminum that often cannot be recycled. After a short use, travel toothpaste tubes often end up in landfills and sometimes even worse, our waterways. A simple way to reduce your waste is to use refillable toothpaste containers. This method will also save you money in the long run.

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in the usa & canada alone

Over 1 BILLION toothbrushes enter landfills every year.

Most consumers don’t realize that their toothbrush consumption is contributing to the global environmental crisis. The American Dental Association suggests you replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. To put that into perspective, with a population of over 330 million people in the USA and Canada alone, that would result in more than 1 billion toothbrushes entering landfills every year, just in these two countries.

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Ready to take action?

Many of us don’t think twice about the plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes we dispose of every year. With close to 8 billion people on the planet, the dental products industry contributes a lot of waste. Choose your products wisely!

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