The ultimate travel toothbrush.

Toob™ was thoughtfully designed to include everything you need to brush your teeth on the go. With hygiene, convenience and sustainability in mind, we have invented the best travel toothbrush on the market.

10+ Years of proven effectiveness.
1M+ Our mission is to save 1M+ travel toothpaste tubes from landfills. Learn More
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When innovation meets sustainability, you get an amazing travel toothbrush.

Easy to Pack

Weighing 1oz (2.5 g) and 6.5 inches (16.3 cm) in length, the compact design of Toob™ fits easily in any backpack, purse, briefcase, and suitcase.

Modern Design

With its sleek & modern design, you will be proud to show off your Toob™ toothbrush to friends, family & coworkers.

Replacement Brush Heads

Our replacement brush heads extend the lifespan of your toothbrush, maintain hygiene, and prevent plastic from entering landfills.

Refillable Toothpaste Tube

Just twist off the cap and squeeze your favorite toothpaste into Toob’s refillable toothpaste tube.

Soft Bristle Brush

Our soft bristle toothbrush heads are effective at removing tartar, while being gentle on your gums.

Choose Your Color

Available in 7 different colors, we have a toothbrush that matches your unique style.

Built In Rinse Cap

The protective top case doubles as a rinse cap. To fill with water, cover the ventilation hole and rinse after you brush your teeth.


To keep your toothbrush & travel case sanitary, we have added a small ventilation hole at the top of the protective case to encourage drying.

Easy to Clean

The components that make up Toob™ can be easily taken apart for deep cleaning as needed between adventures.

A Functional & Sustainable Toothbrush.

Toob™ is not only rated one of the best travel toothbrushes on the market, but you can feel good about your contribution to the environment while you brush.

Our customers love Toob™

Rated the best travel toothbrush.

Jean (Alaska - Purchased at REI)

I've tried a lot of travel toothbrushes over the decades and this is, by far, the best one I've found. It's a real toothbrush length. I fill and refill the tube with the toothpaste of my choice. The cover can be used for rinsing by putting your finger over the little vent at the end and filling with water. I've had a couple of these that I'd use for travel, camping, backpacking, keeping in my daily bag, etc...

Cathy (Novato, CA - Purchased at REI)

With this product, I can fill the small tube with my favorite toothpaste. As a result, I do not have to buy disposable travel-size toothpaste tubes. And when the brush wears out, I can insert a replacement.

Joe (Purchased at MEC)

I bought my "Toob" so many years ago (over twenty-five) - I think when this first came out. I have used my "Toob" for almost all of my travels, ranging from multi week cross country drives, casual camping, overseas flights, and ocean cruises. Over all these years, I have yet to encounter any complaint about this piece of kit...

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Our Toob™ travel toothbrush and replacement brush heads can be purchased on Amazon or from one of our local retailers - MEC (Canada) and REI (USA). Use the link below to purchase!

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